The Jungle is not for the feint-hearted. Prepare to be changed. Prepare to emerge renewed.

At Recovery Jungle, your journey transforms into an adventure where healing, joy, and personal transformation intertwine. Every visit is uniquely tailored to you – your body, your energy, your life. Armed with expert knowledge and cutting-edge recovery technologies, you’re on a path to thrive, not just survive.

Here, personal connections and bespoke care are at the heart of the experience. From the moment you step into this jungle, you’re more than a visitor; you’re family. The staff here are not just knowledgeable; they’re enthusiasts for your well-being, ready to adapt and respond to your needs, whether you seek a burst of energy or a moment of tranquillity.

Recovery Jungle thrives on vibrancy and dynamism. Here, healing is not silent or solemn; it’s alive, echoing your diverse needs and expressions. Laugh, shout, move, and heal in ways that resonate with you. Whether it’s through a cryotherapy session filled with your laughter, a soulful sauna cleanse accompanied by your choice of music, or finding your zen in compression therapy while preparing for your next challenge, support for every facet of your journey is assured.

Rejecting the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach, your recovery journey is as unique as you are, touching not just the physical but also the spiritual and mental aspects of your being. Here, results are not just hoped for; they are actively pursued, ensuring your mind, body, and soul are nurtured and aligned.

Welcome to Recovery Jungle, where each step toward healing is a step toward your best self, surrounded by care, knowledge, and a community that cherishes your every victory.

From your director.. the Queen of The Jungle

I know the frustration of putting your body through hell day after day, only to have it protest and force you to slow down. When my body told me to stop, I didn’t accept it. Instead, I went looking for solutions.

As athletes, (and business owners and high achieving humans) there are scientific ingredients we can count on. The best diet, the best supplements, the best shoes, the best gyms. Now we are starting to work out that we need the best recovery! And who wants to take days off? NOT. ME.

Cryotherapy completely revolutionised my training results. In the lead up to a QLD Title Fight & Ultra Marathon last November, I was driving one hour each way, two or three times a week, for just three minutes of IMPACT Cryotherapy (SOO much colder than others). This was beyond a want or a need: it was, and still is, an absolute necessity.

I needed one of these specific machines at my doorstep. And so does everyone else!! So I did what I do best, and made it so. (In a Jungle, the only other place that makes me feel this good!).

I can’t wait to see how much more people can achieve in their training and in their lives with such high level recovery available to them. I can’t wait to see people get out of pain and do more of what they love.

Recovery Jungle is for you if you’re looking for radical physical rejuvenation in one location. Our state of the art alternative therapies take your body beyond what you thought possible.

To the same degree we push our bodies, we need to support them. And in the same way I strive to win, I strive to help others. This is the essence of Recovery Jungle.

Opening Hours

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Our Values


I have always complained about sports injuries that are constantly restricting me from training and enjoying life in general until just recently Hannah from Recovery jungle told me I HAD TO come try cryotherapy. At the time my lower back had swollen so much I could not walk up straight let alone train. So with nothing to lose, I jumped in. The cold was cold, but bearable, and I felt instantly awake and alert. After the 3 minutes in the Cryo chamber I stepped out to warm back up, it was like I was reminded of what it feels like to be alive!

Hannah had to ask me how my back was feeling for me to remember I even had a sore back prior to treatment. The drive home I was awake and felt on top of the world, finally sitting comfortably in my car without squirming around due to my back pain, I was calling my mates to let them know about this crazy new recovery treatment.

I Have also used cryo for shin splints which sometimes stop me from being able to run and just for sore and stiff muscles, or even without an injury when I’m feeling like my energy levels are low and I need I pick up or in the late afternoon for a deep sleep.

Recovery jungle isn’t only about the cryotherapy treatment, from the moment you walk through the door you will be greeted by a personality overflowing with enthusiasm like no other, ensuring you walk out that door after treatment with a smile on your face, feeling incredible and motivated enough to take on the world.


These boots offer pure bliss! Sitting down and being still are two things I struggle with a lot but the Normatec Boots coerce me to do exactly that and if the only benefit I get is sitting down and relaxing for 20 minutes, that’s still worth it. But there are scientifically-proven benefits when it comes to exercise recovery. Not limited to enhanced blood flow and circulation, and most importantly a reduction in stiffness and soreness after use.

Brooke on Compression Boots

I had my first cryotherapy treatment after hearing raving reviews from my close friend and trainer who both understand the sheer toll that combat sport takes on your body. With a training schedule that leaves little to no time for recovery I was eager to try these 3 minutes of wonder. I was not disappointed, long gone are the extended stints spent braving ice baths, I can now get the benefits plus more from only three minutes! I have noticed more energy and focus, improved tolerance to cold and pain, and sounder sleep – I can really tell the difference!


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