What’s It For

What’s it for?

Our methods of recovery:

  • naturally and rapidly reduce inflammation,
  • promote circulation,
  • promote lymphatic discharge of metabolic by-products that impede recovery (see Recovery Systems).

Jungle Recovery is also a chemically free and safe way to recover from some inflammatory diseases and injuries.

Jungle Recovery supports you to reach your personal fitness and performance goals.

What does it change?

When you commit to effective recovery therapies as consistently as you commit to physical exertion, everything changes.

You now have the power to match the heights of your physical determination.

You have the tools to recover from inflammatory diseases and injuries faster and safer.

Recovery Jungle puts you in the driver’s seat of your body’s restoration.

Our Values

What People Say

Fantastic staff provide a really welcoming and relaxed environment and provide really good service! Loved the experience and look forward to waking up fresh

Kailey Beattie

Was terrified at first but staff was amazing. I am Fibromyalgia warrior and Herbalist the after affects were amazing first time and almost completely pain free in months. 100% recommended

Debby Fle

I feel absolutely amazing after my experience at Recovery Jungle. This isn’t just for athletes and they really cater to everyone. My muscles and my mental health are thanking me for taking some time out to recover and reset. Defiantly be back

Kerri Southall

Just had my first session at Recovery Jungle and to say I am feeling so amazing and relaxed feels like an understatement. I am not recovering from any injuries I did this as a anti inflamatory, detoxing and general wellbeing treat for my body. Highly recommend this

Kathryn Bowles

Brought my wife here and she really loves it, it’s helped her chronic fatigue so much. She also convinced me to come and it’s actually helped my mental health which is surprising. The staff are lovely as well!

Josh Newitt

Absolutely amazing! This place is so fricken good. Had my first experience here a couple of weeks ago and can’t wait to go back. The process was explained in a lot detail and the benefits of each process. I loved it that much and felt that good I booked in again and also for my husband. Can highly recommend. Had so much energy and muscles and joints felt great after having the intro offer!

Meagan Richards

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