Exercise: Support For Your Mind and Body

Train harder and more often without feeling sore and stiff.

Whenever you exercise, you damage muscles and joints which sets in motion an inflammatory response that can result in muscle soreness, inflamed connective tissues and reduced mobility. When you are trying to push past your current limits, this can produce a feedback loop that results in painful swelling and muscle damage. This limits your ability to continue to train. You feel sore, weakened and demotivated.

We all have ways of trying to counteract this soreness. Stretching, massage, alcohol rubs, magnesium baths, anti-inflammatories.

The secret weapon.

Cryotherapy and infrared sauna reduce pain and inflammation from exercise, and prepares the body for upcoming exercise by producing anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants that dampen future inflammatory responses from getting out of control. The compression suits help to stretch muscles, remove metabolites and fluid build-up and refresh muscles with oxygenated, nutrient filled blood, especially after cryotherapy and infrared sauna.

The results are amazing. You will walk in stiff, sore and complaining and leave pain free, mobile and motivated to train again. Some of our professional athletes call Recovery Jungle their secret weapon. Not only can they train more often, they can train harder because they know they won’t suffer the painful consequences in a few days’ time. We urge you to try it out, whether you are a beginner or a professional looking to reach your next level of performance.

Our treatments are different because they stimulate your own body’s natural healing processes and get your body prepared for the next training session.

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