Sleep And Chronic Fatigue

Sleep and Chronic Fatigue

Improve your sleep naturally

Sleep is so important to our health, our ability to function, and our ability to respond to exercise.

People who don’t get enough sleep are measured to have the same loss in function as someone over the limit from alcohol. Long-term sleep deprivation increases the risk of dementia, obesity, and depression.

Sleep is also critically important if you want to improve as an athlete. Your body needs time to build new capacity to cope with higher training loads. With enough sleep, you feel able to keep to diets and manage your weight.

Yes sleep avoids us for a whole range of reasons to do with modern living.

There are sleeping pills, but these can affect your mood and function the next day and some are addictive.

At Recovery Jungle, all of our treatments help lower stress, relax your muscles and reduce your pain, all of which improve your ability to sleep.

There is strong scientific evidence that cryotherapy and infra-red sauna, in particular, improve both the quality and length of sleep (see our blog on sleep), which is confirmed by our customers. Check out the blog if you are interested in the scientific reasons these treatments work.

Don’t put up with tiredness and irritability anymore. Come in and try Recovery Jungle’s services to get your life back on track.

We strongly recommend having your treatments in the evening, so that you are at your most relaxed and ready for sleep.

We recommend starting with two treatments per week for a month and then reducing to once per week.

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