Treatment of Chronic Fatigue

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Recently, Recovery Jungle have had more people coming along asking for the Ultimate Recovery pack to help them with their chronic fatigue.

This seems to have happened by a natural experiment – people who were trying cryo, sauna and compression for pain relief and recovery from injuries but who also happened to have chronic fatigue – also experienced relief from their chronicย fatigue symptoms.

How it works

Chronic fatigue (also known as Myalgic encephalomyelitis, or ME) is describes ongoing fatigue and major loss of energy. There are no know cures for chronic fatigue to date.

The customers who are finding improvement in their energy levels from the Ultimate Recovery package are using the following formula:ย 

Three days in a row of sauna, plus cryo, plus compression – in that order – every day

They are reporting increased energy and decreased other symptoms.

It would make sense that these treatments may be of benefit for people with chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is associated with inflammation, oxidative stress and high levels of personal stress. The Ultimate Recovery treatment set stimulates the production of anti-anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, and anti-stress hormones.

To date, only a few people are coming to us for chronic fatigue, and we cannot guarantee that it will work for everyone.

But it you want to take the Chronic Fatigue Challenge, we have set up a special program of three days of Ultimate Recovery treatments for a special low price of $199.


The Chronic Fatigue Treatment Pack

Each appointment is One Sauna (30 minutes) followed by Oneย Cryotherapy (up to 3 minutes) followed by One Compression (30 minutes). Three appointments in one week, preferably three days in a row. One hour and ten minutes each appointment. Specifically designed to reset the energy of people suffering from chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue symptoms. Note that the cryotherapy session might be reduced in time or less extreme temperature on the first and second session for people suffering extreme symptoms.

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