Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases

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Inflammatory diseases are the result of an over-active inflammatory system. Inflammation is an important protective mechanism in the body, but when it goes awry, is responsible for a range of inflammatory diseases that are painful, exhausting and sometimes deadly.

A program that suits you.

We would be happy to work with your medical practitioner to design a program that suits your particular needs. We offer pain diaries for people with inflammatory diseases to track the effectiveness of treatments.

  • Arthritis: Cryotherapy has been repeatedly shown to improve the well-being of arthritis sufferers by reducing pain, inflammation and stiffness, contributing to a better quality of life.
  • Fibromyalgia: Cryotherapy treatment deliver pain relief, increased energy and functional health and well-being for people suffering fibromyalgia.
  • Multiple sclerosis: Whole body cryotherapy helps to reduce fatigue and improve the functional status of multiple sclerosis patients in a case-control study. This particularly helpful in enabling people with MS to continue exercising without the resulting fatigue
  • Atopic dermatitis: Cryotherapy is a non-steroidal treatment for atopic dermatitis that has been shown to reduce symptoms and improve sleep in dermatitis sufferers. Multiple treatments (12 or more) seem to provide the best results.

If you suffer from inflammatory diseases, Recovery Jungle treatments can help give you some of your life back. Our treatments stimulate your body’s own inflammatory system, as well as anti-oxidants and pain-killers. We find our customers have greater mobility, reduced pain and inflammation and a better quality of life.

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