Have you seen images of people on the internet sitting on a chair with balloon-like giant pants? Well, that’s actually one way of recovering the muscles, and such equipment is called the Normatec. But what is it exactly?

Normatec is popular among athletes, coaches, and trainers for it provides faster, rapid recovery from muscle pains. Normatec Recovery System is a dynamic compression device that’s designed for recovery, especially to those who are just done training and/or performing.


The device has attachments and control unit that grips on the person’s arms, hips, and legs. The compressed air is used to massage the limbs, mobilize fluid, and faster recovery with the help of patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern.

The system activates a pre-inflate cycle where the connected attachments adjust to the shape of your body. Afterwards, you’ll feel the pressure working on your feet, hands, and other parts where you install it. It’s just the same as kneading or stroking your body during massage with each segment compressing in a pulsing manner then performs sudden releases.

Such repetition for each segment of the attachment and compression patterns working through the limbs becomes a favorable session to most of the athletes at it gives a quick treatment that lets them ready for training again. Let’s specify all the benefits you can get with this awesome device:
• Improves your circulatory system

• Brings immediate relief especially for people having heavy legs

• Strengthens and tightens loose skins especially from pregnancy and obesity

• Removes toxins such as Lactic Acid and decreases accumulation of water

• Reduces inflammations in the compressed area

• Prevents the production of cellulite

• Eradicates and prevents the first stage of varicose veins



For years, NormaTec’s dynamic pulse compression technology brings compression to new level, which is mostly utilized by athletes. The NormaTec system is the first device to imitate how normal physiology in our body and is mostly athlete’s favorite since it’s provide immediate recovery and gives them better performance.

The most important aspect of NormaTec Technology is the compression massage pattern or also called as sequential pulse technology. It does not use ‘static’ compression to release out the fluid. The pattern, also called as ‘pulsing’, perfectly mimics the muscle pump of the arms or legs, leading to enhancement of fluid movement on the limbs after undertaking intense training or workout. Its patented technology allows immersive experience that surpass the streamline of technology curve.


This might have been mentioned a couple of times already but it really the athletes who can greatly take advantage with NormaTec boots recovery especially to those who use their legs the most such as runners, swimmers, triathletes, weightlifters, mudders, soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball player, and much more.

Next are the people who just works on their feet all day long. Remember that the more you stand, the more gravitational pull you have resulting to poor circulation in your legs. Thus, nurses, doctors, construction workers, photographers, videographers, and many more can make use of this equipment.

The third beneficiaries are people who battle poor circulation such as people with diabetes, varicose or peripheral artery disease, and other related circulatory illnesses except with Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Finally, NormaTec is suitable for those who just want a relaxing massage. Just by sitting with the device can give you such a relief by flushing lactic acid on your body. You can take your cold beverage, watch your favorite show, and let the equipment do its job.


If you’re a professional athlete, a person who takes more time on standing or sitting, experience pain from lower extremities or enhance immune system then NormaTec is the perfect device for you. Other applicable situations where you can apply this therapy is after a long day at work, travel, or workout.

Book a session for our NormaTec Recovery Boots to get that optimal recovery for any discomfort in your body!

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