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Earn yourself some extra income or fundraise for your business or club while you help your friends, clients and teams heal, revive and optimise!

Recovery Jungle Ambassador Program

The ultimate in referrals! You get to offer your friends, followers, clients, members and team 10% off all of the services at Recovery Jungle as much as they want. No codes for them to remember to enter at checkout, just a simple link which automatically applies the discount for them! At the end of each month, you’ll get paid 10% of the total value of services booked through that link!

To make it even easier, we will create you your own personalised email, QR code, flyer, poster and social media post. 

This is a great opportunity for Personal Trainers, Athletes, Gyms, Sports Clubs, Allied Health Professionals, Holistic Health Practioners and Influencers in the North Brisbane to Sunshine Coast area. 

Contact Hannah on 0499 285 279 for more details or fill in the form below to apply

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