arthritis treatment

Arthritis Treatment: The Top Ways To Get Relief From Arthritis Pain Naturally

Maybe you’re thinking that once you get arthritis, the only way to relieve it is through consistent medication, right? Fortunately, it isn’t. We know that such an ailment is a great hindrance to functioning daily and properly every day to perform fundamental tasks. It is true that those conventional arthritis treatments help control the inflammation and slow the progression of the disease. However, there are natural therapies that you can apply to aid in curing such a disease. These are ...
Muscle Pain Recovery

Muscle Pain Treatment: How To Relieve Muscle Pain After Workout

When you do workouts, especially the intense ones, you’ll definitely experience this: muscle pain. Such soreness can actually come from a variety of sources, and it's far better to understand all of the possible causes in order to learn about potential remedies and avoid experiencing such pain in the future. WHY DO OUR MUSCLES GET SORE AFTER GYM? You have muscle pain after a long day of exercise because of one of two types of muscle soreness: acute muscle soreness ...
Compression Therapy

Sports Recovery: How Does Compression Therapy Helps Athletes And More

Compression therapy has become a blockbuster treatment offered across the world for a good reason. It has many features for kids and adults, athletes or even people in their golden years. Despite the popularity it gets, many people are still unfamiliar with how compression therapy works. Let’s unveil its process to fully understand how it heals certain ailments, specifically swelling and pain in the area. HOW DOES COMPRESSION THERAPY EXACTLY WORK? Compression therapy uses sleeves to slowly compress the vein ...
Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy: The How, Pros, And Whys Of It’s Efficacy Against Pain And Swelling

You might have seen pictures of athletes submerging into a bath filled with tons of freezing cold ice and have come to wonder, "Are they doing the new version of the ice bucket challenge?" Well, there is actually a reason behind that seemingly extreme concept of an ice-cold bath. Cryotherapy, also commonly known as cold therapy, is a healing technique that is used to provide relief from pain, especially when you have strained muscles, have an injury or are recovering ...
Normatec Recovery Boots

All You Need To Know About Normatec Recovery Boots

Have you seen images of people on the internet sitting on a chair with balloon-like giant pants? Well, that’s actually one way of recovering the muscles, and such equipment is called the Normatec. But what is it exactly? Normatec is popular among athletes, coaches, and trainers for it provides faster, rapid recovery from muscle pains. Normatec Recovery System is a dynamic compression device that’s designed for recovery, especially to those who are just done training and/or performing. HOW DOES NORMATEC ...
Infrared Sauna


Sweating has been proven to give a lot of benefits to our body; thus, this leads to the idea of sauna. However, with further innovations today, traditional saunas are exchanged with infrared sauna. It offers the same type of heat as the sun but without the ultraviolet rays that, as we all know, is known to be harmful.  HOW DOES INFRARED SAUNA WORK? The radiant heat produced by the infrared sauna penetrates 1.5 inches deep into the skin, deeper than ...

Cryotherapy: Benefits of Cold Chamber Treatment

Lots of people have an increased interest towards this pain-relieving therapy called cryotherapy. Imagine yourself entering cold chamber below a certain freezing point that gives such relaxing feeling that promotes good health, cell development, and younger-looking skin. That’s a great benefit from that chamber. However, let’s define cryotherapy first. WHAT IS A CRYOTHERAPY? HOW DOES IT WORK? A cryotherapy exposes your body to a certain freezing point of temperature by sitting on a nitrogen-cooled air tank for approximately three minutes ...

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