You might have seen pictures of athletes submerging into a bath filled with tons of freezing cold ice and have come to wonder, “Are they doing the new version of the ice bucket challenge?” Well, there is actually a reason behind that seemingly extreme concept of an ice-cold bath.

Cryotherapy, also commonly known as cold therapy, is a healing technique that is used to provide relief from pain, especially when you have strained muscles, have an injury or are recovering from certain surgery. This technique is widely used across the world. One of the most common ways to apply cold therapy is with the use of an ice pack in place with the help of something elastic.

With the advent of technology today, cold therapy has never been this easy to access when you need it. There are cold therapy machines that work by circulating water through an ice reservoir where it connects to a wrap, which provides compression to help reduce the swelling. With the help of a cold therapy unit, you have the benefit of getting therapeutic cold and targeted pressure to help you in the healing process.

Speaking of the benefits, let’s have the top three advantages of using the cold therapy machine. Take note that this is highly recommended by physicians, athletic trainers, and physical therapists for the following reasons:


1. Way more effective than using regular ice

The way that the combination of compression and cold has been clinically proven and tested to be more efficient than the regular usage of ice packs alone. The cold alleviates the pain and reduces the swelling by restricting blood flow to the area applied.

The compression also minimizes the swelling and allows the efficacy of the cold to penetrate deeper into the area and last longer at the same time.


2. Very portable and convenient

There are a lot of things to do before you can successfully utilize an ice pack. That’s a great hassle to carry, especially when you apply it to areas like the knees or shoulders. Additionally, it’s hard to control the temperature of an ice pack, and worst of all, the ice might melt quickly.

However, if you use a cold therapy unit, you get a consistent temperature all throughout the whole session because the cold water is circulating continuously through the machine. Such portability allows better access and usage not only in home but also everywhere you go where you need it.


3. Less medications for pain and swelling

Cold therapy numbs the nerve endings in your body. As a result, decreases the pain you’ve been feeling. It slows down the communication between the brain and body, which means less pain all throughout the session. Using it increases the chance of you not relying on further medications, especially when you’re just recovering from surgery or injury.



A few factors must be considered before deciding to use a cold therapy unit. Depending on the healthcare plan chosen, the machine may not be covered by the insurance. Nevertheless, there are rental programs out there that still allow you to get the benefits of having cold compression therapy.

It is also better to speak with your doctor about this matter and follow any recommendations they state before the treatment. It’s very essential to follow the directions stated in the directions since cold therapy units stay colder for a very long time.

Pain management has never been this delightful. If you’re an athlete or a patient who wants to recover as soon as possible after an injury or surgery, then a cold therapy unit is suitable for you. Grab this cold therapy unit to speed up your recovery and get you going with life!

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