Arthritis is a debilitating disease which affects one in seven Australians. Arthritis can affect bones, muscles and joints and results in pain, stiffness, swelling and redness in affected joints. For those with arthritis, one in five report high or very high levels of psychological distress.

Treating arthritis is tricky. There is no cure so treatments aim to reduce inflammation and dull pain. In extreme cases, the affected bones are removed and replaced with artificial joints.

Cryotherapy induces a range of real biochemical changes in your body which reduces inflammation and pain. Multiple studies have shown that cryotherapy reduces pain, inflammation and stiffness from arthritis (see some of the links below).

Reducing pain and improving mobility of joints contribute to a better quality of life and improvements in mental health.

Treating arthritis with cryotherapy is best done in consultation with your GP or specialist. We recommend using a ‘pain diary’ to log any changes in pain and mobility as a result of treatment. Pain diaries are available from Recovery Jungle or you can get one from your doctor.



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