The Ultimate Fathers Day at Recovery Jungle

With An Incredible, Just-For-Dad’s Offer!

This is it! This is your chance to help Dad put an end to his struggle

No more…

* Feeling sore all the time
* Never getting time to himself
* Being grumpy from exhaustion
* Having a sore back / hip / knee / neck / all of the above!

All the problems a lot of Dad’s face, especially when they work physical jobs as well, they’re about to become a thing of the past. Because right now, you can give Dad the gift of pain relief, amazing sleep, recovery and relaxation! Perhaps the best gift you could ever give him!

What’s the Dad’s deal?

Fathers Day Special

Give Dad the gift he really needs with our Ultimate Recovery Pack or Super Ultimate Recovery Pack


Ultimate Recovery Pack:

Over an hour of recovery and total Dad time, starting with a 3 minute Cryotherapy Session, going to a 30 minute Compression Therapy session and finishing with a 30 minute Infrared Sauna.

$148.50 of value, for only $88!!!


Super Ultimate Recovery Pack:

Over 2 hours of recovery and total Dad time, starting with a 3 minute Cryotherapy Session, going to a 30 minute Compression Therapy session, warming up with a 30 minute Infrared Sauna and finishing with an hour of Stretch and Decompression.

$241.50 of value, for only $160!!!

Book him straight in or buy him a voucher!

Tell me more about Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a cold sauna, using sub-zero temperatures to reduce inflammation and pain, and improve muscle recovery, energy and sleep!

It is a whole body experience that is effective in a maximum of just three minutes.

Once you’ve arrived for your cryotherapy session, you’ll change into our comfy robe, cryo booties, thermal gloves and socks. Beneath this can choose to wear any dry undergarments on.

After you’re dressed and ready we’ll take you to the cold chamber and stay with you for the whole three minutes. Your head and neck stay out of the chamber, and all you’ll feel on your body is a dry cold. You can end the session at any time you choose to, and we’ll talk to you throughout, encouraging you to rotate your body so you get the most out of your session.

For the most profound physical results we recommend directly following up your cryotherapy with a compression hips and lower back session,  a thirty minute infrared sauna, finishing with an hour of assisted stretch and decompression therapy. The combination of treatments optimises your recovery and pain relief, and puts your body into a state primed for natural pain relief and healing.