One of the most relaxing and blissful experiences is to sit outside on a warm summer’s day, and enjoy the warmth, just sitting or lying still. On a park bench, on a mountain side or at the beach. Just picture it in your head now and I guarantee you will already feel just a little bit better!

There are good reasons why this experience is so wonderful. We are being mindful of our environment, feeling the pleasure of warmth on our skin, and ignoring the pressures and worries of the day. As our muscles warm up, our heart rate increases, oxygenating our brains and muscles, making us feel more alive. There are hormonal changes that happen as well. Our bodies produce more pain-killers, stress relieving hormones, anti-inflammatories and even growth hormones. All for just sitting still in the warmth!

But there is a limit to how much we should sit in the sun. In fact, the limit is about 15 to 20 minutes a day. The sun’s rays include radiation that warms us (infra-red) but also radiation that damages us and increases the risk of skin cancer (ultra-violet).

Infra-red saunas provide all the benefits of sitting outside on a warm sunny day, without any of the risks. Our saunas direct infra-red light onto your body to simulate the warmth of a sunny day, with all of the benefits and none of the risks.

The scientific literature says that regular treatment with dry-heat sauna, like the ones at Recovery Jungle, include:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced pain
  • Increased removal of heavy metals, pesticides and drugs from your body as a result of sweating
  • Improved well-being and pain tolerance
  • Improved recovery from endurance training
  • Increased athletic performance

There is a correlation between regular use of IR saunas and improvements in the health of people with heart disease, diabetes and chronic kidney disease but you should consult your doctor before using our treatment for your condition.

The clients of Recovery Jungle make use of the infra-red sauna for many reasons.

Some are treating chronic pain conditions, which are reduced by regular treatments in the infra-red sauna, often in combination with cryotherapy and/or compression suit treatment.

We have professional athletes who use the sauna to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, and reduce their recovery times so that they can train harder and faster, with less pain. It is a fundamental part of pre-tournament training for a number of our customers.

Tradies use the sauna to recover from the stresses and strains of the week, rejuvenating their bodies for another week of hard work. Again, they will often combine sauna and cryotherapy and/or compression to achieve the best results.

Party animals sit, relax and detoxify, preparing themselves for another week of too much fun!

And some just want a way of winding down and relaxing from the stresses of life. For these customers, they view infra-red sauna as a cheaper, more blissful and less damaging alternative to drinking or taking medication to deal with their stress.

For your regular pocketful of sunshine, come and talk to one of our recovery advisors today.

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