Give yourself a chance!

We’ve all made commitments to ourselves to do things differently this year.

Changing habits is hard.

Recovery Jungle supports your desire to change

by reducing the impact of change, reducing the stress associated with change and improving your energy and motivation.

This year we are starting our Recovery Jungle Targeted Meditations for the sauna treatments to really unlock your energy for 2022. These have been developed specifically for Recovery Jungle by a professional psychotherapist.

Don’t forget that we have adding Stretch Therapy and Massage Therapy to our Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna and Compression Therapies.

Talk to Hannah about designing a New Year’s reboost for you to kick start you into the New Year!


The cold treatment stimulates your body to produce its own anti-inflammatories and pain killers. Your blood will rush to your core, filling up with oxygen and nutrients. When you step out and warm up, your oxygenated and nutrient filled blood will move out to the rest of your body. Many people experience a natural high!

I had my first cryotherapy, compression boots and infrared session today. To say I feel amazing and so relaxed is an understatement . The staff were lovely and very welcoming and enthusiastic.
Kathryn Bowles


This is a dry sauna, not the steamy smelly sauna you might have used in the past. The heat and infrared light stimulate anti-inflammatories and pain killers, as well as anti-stress hormones. Your heart rate increases and your blood is oxygenated. You will feel pain free and amazing after your 30 minute session.

I had my first ever cryotherapy and infrared sauna session today, I’m not someone that usually has alot of energy but right now i am pain free and feel so energized! Highly recommended recovery jungle!
Amy Sharpe


For arms, legs or core, the suit compresses and relaxes around your muscles for 30 minutes, squeezing out fluids and toxins that have built up, and encouraging fresh blood to move to your muscles. Great for people who have sore legs or back pain from exercise, or fluid build up in their legs. You will feel very mellow at the end.

Our son had his first visit, needing some recovery for sore shins from league. And can say this business is amazing the staff amazing. He felt so good after a cyro and compression session we have rebooked for a weeks time.
Lara Smith Koraba

Our most popular combination is all three. Our clients tell us that they are pain free and feel amazing, at the end. Even better than a massage! (which we also have available if you do still love them!)

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We look forward to seeing you at Recovery Jungle soon!