We recently had RU OK day and it highlights that modern life creates all sorts of anxiety, stress and mental illness and complications from lifestyle diseases. These issues are all inter-related.

Reducing pain can reduce anxiety and reducing anxiety can increase the tolerance to pain. We know that cryotherapy, infra-red sauna and compression suits on their own and in combination can also assist. While you should take advice and develop a plan with your health advisor, this is what we know.

Cryotherapy, Infra-red sauna and compression all help reduce inflammation and pain. If inflammation and pain is a contributor to your stress and mental illness, then these treatments may be beneficial for you (see also Cryotherapy and reduced pain and inflammation).

Infra-red sauna stimulates hormones naturally that reduce your stress and makes you feel less anxious (See Infra-red Sauna – Sunshine in your Pocket).

Recovery Jungle is willing to work with your GP or health professional to develop a program to address your needs. For people suffering pain and anxiety, Recovery Jungle has ‘pain diaries’ which can be used to track your progress. These diaries are available on request.

If you need to speak to someone about your depression or anxiety:
Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636
Suicide Prevention Hotline – 13 11 14

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