Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual harassment in our workplace is an unacceptable form of behaviour which will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Recovery Jungle is committed to providing safe, inclusive and respectful workplace, which is free from sexual harassment.

The Rules

1. We are all here to support people achieve their goals, reduce their pain and discomfort and increase their wellbeing. For that to happen, our customers and staff need to feel completely safe and welcome when they step into our world.

2. Recovery Jungle is a place of healing and recovery, it is not a place to find sexual partners.

3. Some of our customers may feel vulnerable wearing few or no clothes around other people. They are removing their clothes to get treatment, so avert your eyes and treat everyone with respect.

4. There is no circumstance under which it is appropriate to make comments about someone’s appearance in a Recovery Jungle workplace or event.

5. You are not permitted to ask for a date or for sex in a Recovery Jungle workplace.

6. No touching. It is not appropriate.

7. No flashing. Obviously.

8. No lewd jokes. Really.

9. No nude or lewd texts or other electronic communication to customers or staff without their consent.

10. There is no reason for you to be asking questions about the private lives of any of our customers or staff, so don’t.

11. We will prosecute any unlawful acts.

12. The bottom line is, if you treat Recovery Jungle staff and customers with deep respect and care, there will be no problems.

13. Report any concerns immediately with either Hannah Dalby (0499 285 279) or Paul Dalby (0401 122 204).

14. Recovery Jungle reserves the right to refuse entry or treatment to anyone who fails to follow any of the requirements listed above.

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