Improve your flexibility and mobility and reduce tension in your body

The aerial yoga hammocks are an incredible inversion tool, where the playful, non-impact, anti-gravity suspension allows for a range of health benefits to be accessed.

This includes reducing pain and tension in the body, significantly increasing flexibility and range of movement, and also having some fun!

This class is for you if you need to:


Increase your flexibility and range of movement

Changes tend of occur more quickly than other methods, given the hammocks allow for greater range of movements, going upside down in various ways, reversing gravity and lengthening the spine.


Relieve pain, and tension from your body

This method can help relieve pain, stimulating fascia between vertebrae, releasing pressure, and helping to relax muscles throughout the whole body.

The Arial stretch and decompress movements also help to increase blood flow, improve circulation, and stimulate the release of good endorphins, so you feel good!


Try something different and have fun!

We all have an inner child that wants to heal, come out and play. The hammocks allow for this, with swinging, hanging upside down, moving your body in totally new ways. It is completely rejuvenating in the way that play is at all ages!

How often should I do class to experience the results?

The benefits are felt after one class and increase with consistency of practice. We recommend coming to this class at least once a week, or twice to three times per week if your schedule permits.

How To Prepare for Class

  • Please wear an appropriate T-shirt with sleeves and leggings, as this will be much more comfortable moving through the hammocks.You will be going upside down, in different sequences, so you don’t want a baggy T-shirt and sweater coming overhead with you!

  • Eat lightly and at least 2 hours before class (if this is possible)

    It is not advised to do an Arial stretch and decompress class after eating a bigger meal, as it is unpleasant and uncomfortable.  

  • If you feel some fear at going upside down at first, this is normal. Your stretch therapist is there to guide you and will be on hand to assist you with the Hammocks.


Improves recovery from endurance training, reduces inflammation, reduces pain from training, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia improves overall well-being.


Accelerate recovery, prevent injury, boost circulation, increase lymphatic function, relieve muscle tension and improve performance.


Reduced inflammation and pain, improved athletic performance and improved recovery from injury.

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