Hi everyone,

Recovery Jungle has been operating for just over two weeks now and I just want to thank everyone who helped support the business get up and running, and our wonderful customers for helping to make it a reality.

When starting a new business, it is always difficult to know exactly how it might turn out. I had a perception of what services people would like and who the customers would be, but you never know until the business is operational.

Because I am an athlete myself, I naturally thought that most of our customers would be athletes like me. I thought that the Cryotherapy would be the most popular service. And I thought it would take the business a few months to build a relationship with the local community. I also thought I could grow our beautiful palms away from the windows!

Things didn’t turn out exactly as I expected.

Here are some of the things that have surprised me in the first two weeks.

1. WHAT A COMMUNITY! The support from the local community has been amazing and beyond my expectation. I feel very humbled and blessed by the huge support that Recovery Jungle has received from customers, our cool staff Melvin and Sophie, the tradies who helped put the shop together, our wonderful landlord and the surrounding businesses. Thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart.

2. COMBINATIONS ARE THE MOST POPULAR. While I thought cryotherapy would be by far the most popular service, it turns out that the combination of cryotherapy, sauna and compression suits is the most popular service. 80% of our bookings in fact. But it’s perhaps not that surprising. The look on people’s faces when they finish off this combination is gold. I have people coming in with crippling pain, or heaps of stress, and they leave in a blissful state. It is a joy to watch, and I’ve started using exactly the same combination. I just can’t describe how effective it is at reducing your stress and removing pain. Sometimes my business partner won’t have a meeting with me unless he knows I’ve had the treatment that day! We even have a whole family coming in and doing the treatment together. You are still welcome to book any treatment on their own, and different people are all looking for different outcomes.

3. COLDER IS BETTER. I spent a lot of time before setting up the business looking for the best treatment options available. I didn’t want to short change anyone who came to use our services. One of the things people have commented on is that our cryotherapy unit gives them a different experience than others they have tried. We can get down to -130 degrees Celsius (although we rarely go below -120), because we are using the latest technology that requires no fans to move the gas. The fans actually heat up the nitrogen gas before it hits the tank. So older machines cannot get as cold as our tank. The lower temperatures are important. The biochemical reactions that are triggered by cryotherapy (see here) require your muscle temperatures to drop. Because you are only in the tank for three minutes, the colder the air in the tank, the lower your muscle temperature will drop and the more intense effect you will get. Some of our clients have had pain disappear that they have had for months or in a couple of cases, years.

4. PLANTS NEED LIGHT. It seems obvious when I write it down like that. But yes, plants need light and some of the palms have started looking a little worse for wear. I’ll get them back on a strict diet of sunlight and water and return them to the shop ASAP. Perhaps a little closer to the windows this time!

5, IT IS NOT JUST FOR ATHLETES. Oh boy, I really got this wrong! We have:

  • people being treated for long-term fibromyalgia,
  • people weaning to lose weight,
  • tradies treating long term strain injuries and back pain,
  • mothers looking to lower their stress levels,
  • individuals treating specific injuries,
  • pensioners treating arthritis,
  • families having a very healthy bonding time,
  • some people just treating themselves to a wonderful experience
  • and yes, lots of athletes as well.

I really enjoy the diversity of issues that Recovery Jungle can treat and of course everyone is welcome!

Thanks again everyone. I look forward to seeing you again soon in the Recovery Jungle. We have more exciting announcements soon!


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